About Us

Shanell Limited has been established since 1989. Nowadays we are one of the leading plastic raw material distributors in southern China, distributing over 200 kinds of products and serving over 2000 customers in the region.

During the past years, we have been operating with a high level of professionalism and integrity. We have built up close partnership with world-class plastics manufacturers, customers and bankers. In addition to the professional services and support provided, our responsiveness towards the market change enable us to offer the latest information to our valuable customers for their business information.

In order to meet the customers’ needs in their fast-growing business in both China and Hong Kong, Shanell SZ Trading Company has been established in the Central Business District of ShenZhen enabling our capability in RMB business, the offering of ABS, PS, PE, PP, other commodity plastics and engineering plastics.

With our professional knowledge gained from 20 years’ experience and enthusiasm in the plastics industry, we are the best partner you can trust for further business cooperation.

Alan Chiu

Mr. Alan Chiu

  • Founder of Shanell Limited
  • Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Plastic Material Suppliers Association Ltd.
  • FPVC (HON) of The Professional Validation Council of HK Ind. Ltd.
  • Honorary President of Hong Kong Brands Protection Alliance Ltd.
  • Vice-President of Chiu Chau Industrial and Commercial Plastic Association Ltd.